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Pure Water

Pristine, spring-fed creek

Welcome to Gorge Bee! We supply Bee Products, Gourmet Honey, Beeswax Candles, Health/Beauty Products and other bee inspired gifts.

The beautiful Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area forms a spectacular natural border between the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon. The Gorge is home to over 800 species of wildflowers, 15 of which exist nowhere else on earth. Bees collect delicious nectar and nourishing pollen from these amazing flowers. Bees also collect sap from huge trees to turn into propolis, a wonderful anti-bacterial substance. The pristine, spring-fed creeks that cascade in glorious waterfalls from the gorge cliffs provide a clean and pure water source for the bees, ensuring that the honey they produce is equally pure.

Bees have flourished in places like this for about a hundred million years, since the time of the dinosaurs.

Bee Fossil

Fossilized Bee

About 15 million years ago, ancestral honeybees learned how to live together in cooperative hives and how to store honey for the benefit of all. Since then, honeybees have overcome every obstacle that came their way. They have adapted to thrive despite changes in climate, and the presence of predators, parasites, and diseases. Honeybees have coexisted happily with humans for thousands of years.

Nowadays, many bees are finding it increasingly difficult to flourish. You can help them by buying products from bee-friendly keepers that use natural and sustainable apiary practices and by learning more about the obstacles honeybees face in the modern world.

Gorge Bee is dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of honeybees and other pollinating insects and strives to provide products and educational resources to support that endeavor.